Dueling Sabers

First of all, right here I am dealing with lightsabers for use in fan films. In these movies, there are three main kinds of dueling sabers.

     The first kind, and by far the easiest to make, is the fixed blade saber. Fixed blade sabers can be anything from a broomstick or a chunk of PVC pipe, to a piece of metal that is the right shape and size. I normally try to have my blades be about 3/4 of an inch thick.
     This type of saber is generally used for battle shots where you do not see a lot of detail, or where you know that the saber is going to take some punishment. What I have found works very well is either a dowel or a broomstick, with the "blade" portion painted some bright color. The color does not have anything to do with the color of the color of the blade in the movie, it just makes for easier tracking while editing the movie.
     If you are going to have two people fight, make sure you have two different colors for the sabers. this is especially useful when you have to determine who's saber is on top in a battle. Paint the "hilt" portion of the dowel or broomstick approximately the same color as the hilt of the lightsaber that the person is supposed to carry. This doesn't have to be too exact, unless you will be taking closeups of the saber, in which case you probably want the second or third type of saber.

The second type of lightsaber is the removable blade saber, which is a bit more complex, but is not overly difficult to make. First, you need a hilt. I have found that a piece of metal pipe, with an inside diameter that is the same as you blade diameter, works just fine. You can probably use some of the same material that you used for your first saber as the blade on this.      Once you have your hilt and blade, and the blade slides into the hilt fairly well, you need to drill a hole through both the hilt and the blade. Slide a screw through this hole, and then tighten it down. Like I said before, if you are going to have two people fight, make sure you have two different colors for the sabers. Detail the hilt the same as the person's "real" saber, and you are done.

The third type is what is called a "Hero" saber. This is the on that you see on closeups, and this one needs to be as close to perfect as possible. You will probably want to buy some chromed sink pipe from a hardware store and use that. This one normally does not have a blade that can be attached, because the only time you use it is in very close shots of the saber.

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